Why Mufz Are Needed!
Purchasing Headphones, Hearing Devices, and other styles of headsets can be both expensive and even more expensive to replace if damaged. With prices ranging from $69 to well over $300, protecting the integrity of your investment is very important. By covering the leather and speaker area of the headphones, it helps provide protection against moisture and other outside elements.
Mufz has a second benefit which is bringing older or damaged headphones back to life. In the past, when the leather area begins to rip or come apart, people would stop wearing them. This is all due to them either becoming uncomfortable, smelling bad, or just plain unattractive. Mufz will bring life back to the headphones by giving them a newer and fresher look. Also, because of our ability to fully customize our covers, people are no longer stuck with the standard color that headphones come with.
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